My Desk Setup – Video Setups pt.1

The first in a three part series covering how I make my videos, including the equipment, setup, and techniques I use. This part covers my workstation setup and goes over all the equipment I use from my PC, to my monitors, to the desk itself.

Dell XPS – http://amznto/2gVk9ae
RAM – http://amznto/2hIEePo
GPU – http://amznto/2gLr02P
SSD – http://amznto/2hZ4Ivb
External HDD – http://amznto/2gLw1bE
Monitor Stand – http://bitly/2hFePGI
Center Monitor – http://amznto/2hYYlrQ
Ultrawide Monitor – http://amznto/2hZ3pfJ
LED Backlight – http://amznto/2hRBbYp
Speakers – http://amznto/2hZ6jRL
Headphones – http://amznto/2gVlaPu
Desk – http://wwwhabitatorg/restores
Chair – http://amznto/2hRwjm4
Keyboard – http://amznto/2gVrqH1
Mouse – http://amznto/2gLsdHl
Touchpad – http://amznto/2gVifpS
XBox Controller – http://amznto/2hZ6hcM
ShuttlePro – http://amznto/2hZ8JQA
Calculator – http://amznto/2hREaAk
Microphone – http://amznto/2hZ9wAM
Mic Stand – http://amznto/2hZchCd
Pop Filter – http://amznto/2gLstWM


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