Best MFT Zoom Lens? – Olympus 12-40mm f/2.8 MFT Review

The Olympus 12-40mm f/2.8 has some compelling competition with the Lumix 12-35mm f/2.8, so how do these two micro four thirds zoom lenses stack up against each other? – Brave Browser: Olympus 12-40mm – Lumix 12-35mm – ND Filter – ►The Equipment I Use: ►Follow Tall Guy Films Facebook:…

Instagram LUTs – Free Filter LUTs

Want to use your favorite Instagram filters in your videos or photos outside of Instagram? Now you can with this pack of 40 LUTs taken directly from Instagram. LUTs Download –… IWLTBAP LUT Generator – ►The Equipment I Use: ►Follow Tall Guy Films Facebook: Twitter: WordPress:

Great Budget Bluetooth Earbuds – LiteXim H8 Earphones Review

Lots of companies are ditching the headphone jack, and the future seems to be Bluetooth, but how good are the budget Bluetooth headphones options? In this video we test out the LiteXim H8s. LiteXim H8 – Sponsored by LiteXim – ►The Equipment I Use: ►Follow Tall Guy Films Facebook: Twitter:…

BOOST Your Editing Performance for $39 – Adobe Premiere Pro

Want to make your import times in Premiere Pro way faster? This video shows you how you can use a dedicated Media Cache SSD to massively improve performance. Transcend 64GB SSD – Puget Systems Article – ►The Equipment I Use: ►Follow Tall Guy Films Facebook: Twitter: Wordpress:

Using a Compressor – Sound Design Basics

Want to know how a compressor works and how it can change the tone of your sound? In this video we cover compressors as well as several audio concepts like dynamics, loudness, and adsr. TDR Feedback Compressor – Klanghelm DC1A – TM LoudMax – iZotope Neutron – ►The Equipment I Use:…

Can This Plugin Instantly Improve Your Footage? – Red Giant Finisher

Red Giant’s Finisher plugin claims to be able to instantly improve the quality of footage from a DSLR, but can it actually deliver? We test that out. Finisher – ►The Equipment I Use: ►Follow Tall Guy Films Facebook: Twitter: Wordpress: