Narrative Portfolio


Short film shot on a GoPro Hero4 Silver about three teenagers who go missing while hiking, and are later found dead under mysterious circumstances. Edited in Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects.


The Hike

Short edit and color grade based on clips shot at a hike at Perry Lake in Kansas with Boy Scout Troop 59. Shot on a Nikon Coolpix P310 point and shoot camera. Edited in Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 and color graded in Magic Bullet Looks.


Kansas Snow

A short sequence of clips shot in wintry weather in Lawrence, KS. The clips were shot on a Nikon Coolpix P310 to demonstrate that low-end cameras can achieve the look of high-end DSLRs and mirrorless cameras when used properly.



A longer cut of a PSA about the dangers and consequences of teen driving. Filmed over one day and edited within a week.


ROAR in School

A parody of a program instituted at Lawrence High School to encourage better behavior. Shot on DV and heavily colored and composited to mimic 1950s era footage.



A short film about a man who ties a weather balloon to his chair and floats away on a joyride.


Teen Driving

The longer cut of a short PSA about the dangers of teen driving. Takes the subject in a comedic light.



A short film produced in my Audio/Visual Fundamentals class. The film was produced in collaboration with two other students. I was primarily responsible for music, titles, cinematography, and SFX.